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Smart Subscriber

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      Hi Friend,

      Yes you read that paragraph up above right!

      You won’t need any money or credit cards for what you are about to receive, so put your wallet away! I don’t want to take anything from you. I want to give you something instead, ok. So with that said please relax, grab something nice to drink get ready to read what I got to say! It’s a little quacky, but I really think you are going to love it!

      The first thing I want to do while your here, is really briefly introduce myself. My name is Ian Herculson. There’s a good possibility you may have even heard my name somewhere before. I have been passionately involved the Internet Marketing scene since I was 20 years old. That’s 12 years for those of you who don’t know me. :o)

      9 years ago is also the last time I had a full time job…I’ve been busy however!

(Click here to read more about me, if you choose!)

      Ok back to my crazy story. I want to give you a 90 day free trial of my new service called “Smart Subscriber.” That’s 3 whole months for absolutely nothing.

      Don’t worry quiet yet what Smart Subscriber is, I’ll tell you in a bit, and I’m sure you are going to go as crazy about the idea as I did when I thought of it.

      For now, just take it in that my main mission here is to make you some money on the Internet with absolutely NO financial risk to you and I’m pretty confident I can do it too! Remember, I want to give this to you for free!

      I want to assure you this one last time…


  • I don’t want you to spend any of your money upfront.      
  • I do NOT want you to give me your credit card up front.      
  • I WON'T offer you a $1.95 trial just to get your credit card number onto my “auto rebilling feature” either. Some marketers run that way…I don’t.

    In fact…
    I don’t want any of your money until I can
    absolutely prove to you that I can make you money
    before you spend a dime!

         And the only way to prove to you that I can do it is to let you try it, free of charge, for enough time to actually make you some money! 3 months should be more than enough, but I’m just making sure.

         I’ve made it as easy as possible for you to join me.


  • No credit cards required      
  • No referring ‘x’ amount of friends first      
  • No conditions to meet      
  • No hurdles to jump over…

         Just a free membership into Smart Subscriber so I can get you started making money with no money out of your pocket.

         Interested to hear what it is yet? Are you ready for the unveiling? lol...

    "Smart Subscriber."

    The internet's only ezine that uses your affiliate links
    in every single issue!

         It's pretty simple really. But it's also super powerful and I'm the only publisher that I know of who does this!

         I run an online publication (ezine) called GuruMarketer.com. It has received much great praise from many online marketers as a source for great information regarding many branches of Internet Marketing.

         GuruMarketer.com is much like the other ezines you possibly get in your email box every single day from a variety of big name Internet Marketers such as; Yanik Silver, John Reese, Mike Filsaime, Gary Ambrose, Rosalind Gardner, Tellman Knudson, Russell Brunson, Derek Gehl, etc…the list goes on and on. There are a lot of smart cookies out there and I’ll tell you their free ezines pack a hell of a lot of solid information in them.

         But GuruMarketer.com is so different than all those other ezines in a very important way. It is the only ezine of its kind that pays out 100% of it entire commissionable profits back to it’s subscribers…that is, it’s “Smart Subscribers” of course. ;o)

         Here’s an example of what I mean…

         You’ve heard a million of those same big name marketers say that “the money is in the list” a million times right? Do you know why?

         It’s because anyone who owns a list can collect ridiculous amounts of commissions whenever they send out a personal review or endorsement for an affiliate related product.

         For example…
         If Joe Publisher sends out an email to his list of 10,000 subscribers and 50 of them purchase what ever Joe is advertising, Joe Publisher gets a commission on 50 sales. Just like that.

         Ya! Do the math for a measly $50 commission. That’s $2,500 in Joe’s pocket just for sending out one email. You think Joe is going to do it again and again and again? You bet your ass he is!

         “The money’s in the list” and that ain’t no joke!

         However when GuruMarketer.com sends out an email and commissions are generated it’s the Smart Subscribers like you who will get paid all the money instead of me, the publisher.

         That’s how GuruMarketer.com is so different; I pay out all my commissions to my subscribers instead of keeping them for myself!

         So how exactly do I do this for you?

         Right after you sign up for your 90 day free trial account of Smart Subscriber, you can go into your administration area called the “Smart Admin Panel.” In there you’ll see a whole list of every product and service that the ezine advertises.

         All you have to do is join all the affiliate programs and input your affiliate ID’s for them and presto, now the issues send your affiliate links instead of mine!

         Now, every person you refer to Smart Subscriber through your own Smart Affiliate Link, will be placed under you and every product and service they purchase from GuruMarketer.com ezine, you will make the commission because they went through your affiliate link!

         I know what you are thinking...

         "Ian, your taking a BIG HIT if you are giving away all the money!" Your right, I’m giving away free trials, and I’m also giving away all the commissions. I’m basically giving away 100% to you and all the others who take the free trial!

         But don’t worry, that’s ok!

         I want to pay you healthy commission checks every month because after 90 days of making you money first, I’m going to ask for a little bit of it back!

         I’m banking on the fact that after 90 days you will have made a whole whack of commissions and you’ll easily see the benefit of staying a Smart Subscriber and continuing to collect your paychecks!

         I guess it’s my way of putting my money where my mouth is and earning my keep the hard way like everyone else.

         Sound fair?

    My Personal Guarantee:

    I will make you money before
    you have to pay me for my service!

    If I cannot make you any money in the first 90 days of being a Smart Subscriber, then your account will be automatically turned off and you will be billed absolutely nothing, of course. How can I bill you when I don’t have your credit card?

    But after 90 days if you choose to continue with your Smart Subscription because you see the value in it, it is then and only then will I say “ok, where’s your credit card?”

    The choice is completely yours with absolutely NO FINANCIAL RISK on your part.

    OH, and I’ll also promise you that if you don’t earn any commissions during your free 90 day trial, the only reason why is because you sat on your ass and let the 90 days pass you by. Cheeky hey? But it’s also true!

    Please fill out the information below
    to test drive the Smart Subscriber system:

    Absolutely Incredible…
    Absolutely Effective…

    "Absolutely FREE for 90 Days"

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       I will not sell, rent, exchange or give away your name or email address for any purpose to anyone at anytime. PERIOD!
       I work damn hard to ensure that not one of my subscribers gets spammed!

    Ian Herculson

         To Your Success,

         P.S. In case you're wondering what some of my friends thought of my whole system please click here to read what they had to say about Smart Susbcriber!

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